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2 Mar


This is one of the coolest and most interesting blogs of the moment I think!

It is full of helpful en nifty tricks and tips for graphic designers, photographers and creatives. The tutorials are great … and everything is explained in a way that even a complete ‘noob’ would understand.

Nick Campbell (the creator) also just launched a new iPhone app: ‘CrossProcess’ … a photography app with colorenhancement (no more need of Photoshop to make your pictures look cool!)


Digital Advertising: Cartelle

1 Feb

“Cartelle” represents two professionals based in Amsterdam, specializing in conception, art direction, design and technical realization. They live by the motto, “maintain high quality standards” and they do live up to it by presenting visitors with fun, innovative Flash application that allows them to have some fun with popping balloons, drawing skulls, playing with 8 balls and many others interactive designs.

Stevijn Van Olst and Johny Slackare are strong believers in digital advertising and they are collaborating with a large number of new talent in the digital world.


Battle of the Vaporware Tablets

26 Jan

Vaporware describes products that have been announced by developers during or before development, with significant doubts if the product will actually be released.

White House iPhone app.

25 Jan

The White House launched the first ever White House application available for iPhone and iPod Touch.

“The free app features live streaming of all the president’s public events at the White House, Web chats with Administration officials, and other events such as the daily press briefings.

Subscribers also can read content from on their phones, browse behind-the-scenes photos, watch on demand videos, and have instant access to full videos from recent speeches, press briefings, and special events.

White House spokesman Nick Shapiro told CNN that the iPhone app is part of a larger mobile strategy. Other mobile products are planned for the near future including This will allow to be easily accessed on all mobile phones.”


Museum of Beauty

15 Jan

Experience the beauty of the ‘Venus de Milo’ in a way you’ve never seen before! The statue was completely digitally reproduced using laser measuring instruments, this allowed researchers to make a very detailed examination of all aspects of the sculpture.

Thanks to this technology the Venus can now be appreciated by people throughout the world in an even more realistic and dynamic way.

This is the future of museums!

Visit also : new technology that will revolutionize the world of arts, entertainment, health, etc.

“Breaking through the language barrier”

12 Jan

IBM has been developing software to intantaneously translate the internet. The multinational currently has 100 staff working on a project named “n.Fluent”, that offers instantaneous translation.

“We have a web page interface, where you type in a URL and it automatically translates the web page for you,” Salim Roukos, chief technology officer for translation technologies at the company’s T.J. Watson Laboratory in New York, told CNN.”

“We also have an app that you can put on a web page and when users arrive… they can pull down a menu and change the language.”

“The ability to translate URLs is something that our customers love a lot, because once you translate the page, you can click on all the links and suddenly you are exploring the foreign language web as an English speaker.”

“At the moment the software is still in development and only available with IBM, but the company’s intention is to take the project to market. They are also developing versions for instant messaging and mobile devices.”

“But IBM is not the only tech giant convinced that language is the next barrier to be broken online, and Google are currently working on a tool that will translate not only web pages — but web searches as well.”

“At the moment Google only searches English words on web pages when given an English-language query, but the company hopes soon to be able to open up sites of any language to users.”


Sony’s Eco-friendly Laptop

9 Jan

At the ‘Consumer Electronic Show’, Stan Glasgow, head of Sony Electronics in the United States, talked about the arrival of a laptop capable of rendering 3D video (in a not too distant future). But for now he settled for four new Vaio notebooks, each with it’s own personality:

  • W series “eco-friendly” Mini. “We won’t call it a netbook, though that’s pretty much what it is. The angle is that the green-tinted (we get the hint) plastic enclosure is made of 23 percent recycled CDs (from overstocked Sony artists?), and that the carrying case is made of recycled plastic bottles. The 10-inch screen is LED-lit, and it runs Windows 7 Starter edition.”
  • Z series lightweight.” Called an ultra-portable by Sony, the aluminum-encased Z is about three pounds and ships exclusively with solid-state drives, up to a 512-gigabyte model. It starts at $1,900 and can go way up (a Blu-ray player is optional, as are Intel Core i7 and i5 processors ) from there.”
  • F series. “The latest entry in the multimedia entertainment portable space, the F has a just-right-for-movies 16.4-inch screen and likes to stay at home on a desk.”
  • Y series. “This is the semi-lightweight (four pounds) MacBook fighter that delivers up to seven hours of battery life and incorporates a 13-inch screen. Starts at about $800.”

“Sony showed off a slew of other new products beyond the new Vaios, including new Cyber-shot digital cameras and camcorders, home theater audio systems, and an intriguing touchscreen Internet viewer for the desk called the Dash.”

“Mr. Glasgow also said that Sony would now market SD (secure digital) memory cards, even though it has long been pushing its propriety flash storage technology, the Memory Stick. Mr. Glasgow said the decision was prompted by the need to “give consumers a choice.”