31 Jan

A collaborative animation by Blu and David Ellis


David Ellis



27 Jan

A short animation movie by Rodrigo Blaas


Battle of the Vaporware Tablets

26 Jan

Vaporware describes products that have been announced by developers during or before development, with significant doubts if the product will actually be released.

White House iPhone app.

25 Jan

The White House launched the first ever White House application available for iPhone and iPod Touch.

“The free app features live streaming of all the president’s public events at the White House, Web chats with Administration officials, and other events such as the daily press briefings.

Subscribers also can read content from on their phones, browse behind-the-scenes photos, watch on demand videos, and have instant access to full videos from recent speeches, press briefings, and special events.

White House spokesman Nick Shapiro told CNN that the iPhone app is part of a larger mobile strategy. Other mobile products are planned for the near future including This will allow to be easily accessed on all mobile phones.”


Lonely Drifter Karen

23 Jan

“Lonely Drifter Karen” is a musical project founded by the Austrian singer Tanja Frinta in 2003. The music combines folk, dark cabaret and pop with the influence of ’40s and ’50s musicals.


  • “Grass is Singing”, 2008


Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde: a hybrid novel

19 Jan

This is a magical book that mixes graphics, text and photography, giving you the impression that you can actually submerge into the story.

“Pages are playfully deconstructed, secret paths lead you to printed surprises, faces appear where you don’t expect it and everything has a touch of magic that connects you with your inner child. All of this is a result of the amazing work of talented Spanish designer Alberto Hernández that just finished his MA Graphic Design at London College of Communication and is already exploring his obsession with hybrid novels.”

“A hybrid novel, according to Alberto Hernández, can be seen as a hybrid image-text novel, not a children’s book, graphic novel/comic or gift book, but a book where written text and graphic devices such as illustration, photography, information graphics or typographic treatments may interject in order to hold a readers’ interest. This combination adds interactiveness to the book and also gives the printed page a multidimensional visual surface. A hybrid novel is a kind of book that requires the readers’ actions and also to be handled and experienced. This remediation of Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde tries, by adding playful graphic devices to the original novel, to engage readers in a more dynamic narrative experience and help them at the same time to understand the story more easily. The results leave no space for doubts.”


Museum of Beauty

15 Jan

Experience the beauty of the ‘Venus de Milo’ in a way you’ve never seen before! The statue was completely digitally reproduced using laser measuring instruments, this allowed researchers to make a very detailed examination of all aspects of the sculpture.

Thanks to this technology the Venus can now be appreciated by people throughout the world in an even more realistic and dynamic way.

This is the future of museums!

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