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Discovering new music

22 Sep

What better way to re-start than with a great song? And since I love music… the first article will be about, of course, music! First I would like to mention Thesixtyone, a great site to discover new music. Your can truly spend hours hereĀ  just listening to good, fresh new tunes. One of the artists I discovered recently (thanks to Thesixtyone) was William Fitzsimmons. Fitsimmons’ songs quickly find their way into your heart and if not through your head, then through the deep emotional characteristics of each and every song.

But since I don’t want to leave you with a melancholic mood (since Fitzsimmon’s songs can be quite gut-wrenching sometimes), we’ll end this on a happier note, namely the music of singer-songwriter Clara C (Clara Chung). Not really known yet in Belgium, but one day… maybe. In the meantime enjoy!