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2 Mar


This is one of the coolest and most interesting blogs of the moment I think!

It is full of helpful en nifty tricks and tips for graphic designers, photographers and creatives. The tutorials are great … and everything is explained in a way that even a complete ‘noob’ would understand.

Nick Campbell (the creator) also just launched a new iPhone app: ‘CrossProcess’ … a photography app with colorenhancement (no more need of Photoshop to make your pictures look cool!)



White House iPhone app.

25 Jan

The White House launched the first ever White House application available for iPhone and iPod Touch.


“The free app features live streaming of all the president’s public events at the White House, Web chats with Administration officials, and other events such as the daily press briefings.

Subscribers also can read content from WhiteHouse.gov on their phones, browse behind-the-scenes photos, watch on demand videos, and have instant access to full videos from recent speeches, press briefings, and special events.

White House spokesman Nick Shapiro told CNN that the iPhone app is part of a larger mobile strategy. Other mobile products are planned for the near future including mobile.WhiteHouse.gov. This will allow WhiteHouse.gov to be easily accessed on all mobile phones.”

(Source: http://politicalticker.blogs.cnn.com)

‘iSlate’ could rival iPhone

5 Jan

The tech blogs have been buzzing about it for months. It’s the iSlate, iTablet, iProd, Magic Slate, or whatever else Apple finally decides to call its new tablet computer.

“Mr. Jobs is expected to show off the iSlate (as we’ll call it, if only because that’s the latest rumor) in San Francisco later this month. If the bloggers are right, it will hit the stores in March. At the risk of party-pooping, we should note that not every new Apple product has been a hit. Remember the Newton PDA? Or the G4 Cube computer? But if the iSlate is another of the company’s successes, it promises to have as much impact as the iPhone, if not more. It’s that tantalizing possibility of ‘more’ that puts it on the top design agenda for 2010.”

“The iSlate is particularly interesting, not only because of that promise of ‘more’, but because it sums up so much of what’s happening in design now.The iSlate would probably be successful simply by dint of being Apple’s first tablet computer.”

“Like many new digital devices, it will combine several products in one. An extreme example is the iPhone. It fulfills the functions of dozens of products including a watch, diary, alarm clock, barometer, satellite navigation system, Internet browser, dictionary, DVD player and MP3 player as well as a phone, and that’s before we come on to those 100,000 apps. The iSlate will do lots of that stuff too, as well as basic computing. Critically it will also act as an electronic reader, like Amazon’s Kindle and Sony’s Reader.”

(Source: http://www.nytimes.com)

Google Nexus Phone debut on Tuesday?

3 Jan

Google much anticipated new phone could make it’s debut on tuesday, january 5th.

“Google has scheduled a press event for Tuesday, January 5 at its Mountain View, California, headquarters. Though the company hasn’t mentioned Nexus One, the invitation mentions Android, Google’s mobile operating system for phones, and the company is widely expected to show the device that has had smartphone industry watchers buzzing for weeks.

The invitation-only event will be held two days before the Consumer Electronics Show begins in Las Vegas and just one day before many CES exhibitors have scheduled major press conferences.

It’s a move straight out of the Apple playbook. In January, 2007, Apple famously upstaged CES when it unveiled the first iPhone at an event in San Francisco — even as most technology journalists and executives were huddled in Las Vegas for the trade show.

Google hasn’t commented about Nexus One. But recent online leaks suggest the Nexus One will be a GSM-device with a 3.7-inch AMOLED touchscreen, 5-megapixel camera, Wi-Fi connectivity, accelerometer and compass, and thinner than the iPhone. It is expected to run the latest version of the Android operating system, Android 2.1.

Where Google could really innovate is how the phone is sold. The Nexus One is likely to be sold unlocked, which means consumers don’t have to be tied into long-term contracts with telecom carriers.”

(Source: http://edition.cnn.com)


Free iPhone applications for artlovers

1 Jan

Artfact.com iPhone App

“Why waste your valuable time searching hundreds of old auction house catalogs and websites for auction price results, when you can find everything you need all in one easy-to-use service?
Artfact is the world’s largest and most comprehensive online auction price guide, delivering over 55 million price results for fine art, decorative art, antiques and collectibles all sold at auction.”

-Browse over 100,000 upcoming live auction items
-Research over half a million auction price results
-Place confidential absentee bids on upcoming lots
-Receive email alerts if you are outbid
-Share your favorite items via Facebook or email

Available free of charge from the iTunes App Store


Invaluable.com iPhone App

“Invaluable Live! is the world’s premiere live auction bidding platform, enabling collectors and dealers around the globe to bid online in real-time on over 100,000 upcoming items for sale at auction. More than 150 traditional, international auction houses host their auctions exclusively on the Invaluable Live! platform.”

-Browse over 100,000 upcoming live auction items
-Research over half a million auction price results
-Place confidential absentee bids on upcoming lots
-Receive email alerts if you are outbid
-Share your favorite items via Facebook or email

Available free of charge from the iTunes App Store


(Source: http://artmarketblog.com)

Yours, Vincent The Letters of Vincent Van Gogh

A closer look at the works of Vincent Van Gogh… Let Vincent guide you through his life and art, in his own words…

“Yours Vincent is a unique application provided by the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam. The application uses the artist’s own letters to explore the life and times of one of the world’s most famous and misunderstood men. We know him as a troubled genius who died young and unrecognized in his lifetime. Here for the first time you can enter the mind of Vincent himself and discover a real genius. Listen to dramatic readings of the letters, get a closer look at his early sketches, watch his style develop from the scratches of a young artist to the powerful brushstrokes that became his trademark”



Musée du Louvre

The official iPhone application for the Louvre museum, with information about the most famous artworks, guided tours, short films, etc..



“Whether you’re looking for a particular exhibition or artist, or simply want to know what you can see right now, ArtCalendr will tell you.”


Hachette Vins: Vins & Millésimes – iPhone app

28 Dec

For the iPhone, I discovered a great application…

“Hachette Vins – Découverte:  Vins & Millésimes”

A great guide for wine and it’s completely FREE (Awesome!): an alphabetical list of all sorts of wine and when selected, information about the colour,  smell,  geography, the best serving temperature, etc… you learn a lot and it’s really useful!

You can get it on the “Hachette Vins” website:


or on iTunes:

‘Vins & Millésimes’